Chinese learning!! Chinese is easy to learn!!
Chinese grammar is very simple. Once you begin studying Chinese grammar, you will notice that verbs are not inflected in Chinese. Such as: I walk, you walk, she walk, he walk and we walk. And the single and plural forms are also not existed. Expressing "tense" in Mandarin Chinese grammar, instead of inflecting verbs, Chinese language relies heavily on using adverbs to express what Dutch, English or other languages do.

Chinese School Arnhem offers different types of qualified comprehensive Chinese lessons for different groups of people with various Chinese levels from zero to advanced. This lesson is designed specially for non-native Chinese speaker who are not in China, but want to learn Chinese (p tng huͨ) and to know Chinese tradition and Chinese Culture.

We also offer translation and interpreter in different business sectors, such as: engineering, economic and so on.

The mother language for our teachers' is Mandarin Chinese. The didactical language can be requested either in Dutch or in English.

Chinese School Arnhem is located in Liemers area, conveniently located for people from Arnhem, Nijmegen,Doetinchem, Winterswijk, Oosterbeek, Doesburg, Zevenaar, Didam, Duiven and Westervoort etc.

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The rapid and deep development in China accelerates more and more trading and business activities between China and other countries. As a consequence the necessity for foreigners (people outside China) to learn Chinese and to understand Chinese culture has been stimulated accordingly.
Any business transaction between China and other countries can be regarded as a cross-culture behavior in nature. The removal of language obstacle and cultural barriers makes the difference between a successful business deal or the such-and-such failure, and can play a key role to make business successfully.
Combining the language as a carrier with commercial activities and cross-cultural knowledge, the following abilities will be taught, such as: necessary Chinese expression for daily commercial communication and skills for polite social intercourse, e.g. greetings, introduction, telephoning, traveling etc. and appropriate expressions for commercial activities, e.g. giving quotation & comments, invoicing bargaining and so on.
Modern China nowadays has been regarded as a world plant. Foreigners working in industrial and business sectors wish to learn Mandarin Chinese. But all of them are hardly able to take a long term language course in a university. Instead they prefer intensive course and person to person interaction. We can offer this programme in a very flexible way. More questions, please contact us.  or 026-840 4872


Theses lesson is designed for children in pre-school period. We are focusing on the skills in terms of speaking and listening. The way of teaching is also in line with the character of children, that means learning by creative playing, songs singing, story reading, which stimulate children to learn Chinese in a positive way.
The lesson that aims at children in primary school will be offered not only focus on the skills of speaking and listening, but also on reading and Chinese character writing. Besides it, we also explain the Chinese tradition and cultural activities during the lesson. If you are interested in, please contact us.  or 026-840 4872